Sant’ Andrea Uncompromised Elegance


The story of Sant’ Andrea begins with Saint Andrews factory and a time honored suit making process where workers are specialized in single type operations. Assembling sleeves, hand sewing button holes, cutting the pockets by hand to create suits for some of the most luxurious and renowned brands in the world.

Saint Andrews was born in 1968 in Fano, off the Adriatic Coast of Italy, and has interestingly been housing it’s own brand, SantAndrea, for the past two seasons.
As CEO Mr. Perluigi Canavelli expressed during our in depth conversations, the brand is interpreted by a collection that exudes refinement, comfort and elegance.
Mr Canavelli likes to emphasize how dressing is an extension of a man, a reflection of his personnality and life.

Sant’ Andre‘s vision is to create pieces that exude timeless elegance. The brand wants itself uncompromised and unconcerned by trends in order to mirror a life well lived. They know that luxury cannot simply be defined by a price tag or recognizable label, they understand it is not confined to products and includes experience as well.

While terms like ‘modern’ or ‘urban luxury’ seems to be appealing and persuasive epithets to extol menswear brands and products these days, Sant’ Andrea has the quiet confidence of an enlightened man.
And if you ask me, there will always be a voice for brands who simply choose to cater a mindset of elegance.

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