For style enthusiasts, luxuriating in a brand’s aesthetics can sometimes be nothing else than another epicurean habit. Oh so Understandably. However, you sometimes have the opportunity and desire to understand a brand’s philosophy a little more in depth, therefore learn about its history, and the lifestyle inherent to the label. In this perspective, I had the chance to spend 24 hours with Caruso.
Born 5 years ago, Caruso has quietly parlayed its way into the exclusive club of menswear with a simple phrase and idea that resonates and sums up their entire philosophy: “The Good Italian”.

I had heard whispers of the brand, prior to visiting the new US store/Showroom located in midtown Manhattan – 4,500 sq meters is an impressive number in any city let alone N.Y.C -. There I was drawn to their attention to detail and realized something much louder than a whisper was taking shape.
While in Italy for fashion week I was granted the opportunity to go visit the Caruso Head quarters in Soragna Italy. I had 24 hours to take in as much as possible, hoping to get a grasp of the brand.‎

A driver picked me up and we soon arrived in Soragna, Parma. I dropped off my bags and headed straight to the factory, the excitement and curiosity ‎taking over the habitual fatigue that follows every fashion week frenzy.

Upon arriving I entered a world larger than that of just a brand. The name on top of the building read : Fabrica Sartoriale Italiana and once inside you start understanding the story behind Caruso.
The brand itself is owned by fashion industrialist Umberto Angeloni who, between 1990 and 2007 took Brioni to global heights within the Italian high end menswear arena. After parting ways with Brioni, Mr. Angeloni decided to invest in a garment manufacturer in the North of Italy – Fabrica Sartoriale Italiana. For those who understand dynamics of fashion routes, they recognize that for many major houses, all collections come through Parma before making it to the rest of the world. Fabrica Sartoriale Italiana employs over 600 people to create product for over a dozen top fashion houses (do a google search and you’ll see sprinkles of the names). Mr. Angeloni bought into the company, has since taken control, and in 2012 decided to create the Caruso brand label.
Caruso doesn’t seem to be a brand focused on reaching an age group, but instead a mindset that understands and appreciates good living. It’s not about buying every piece from Caruso, but instead finding the few that fit perfectly with your curated lifestyle. While the idea is “The Good Italian”, the underlining thought is – Live life fully, well and with elegance, Caruso will provide you with aesthetic, quality, and functionality.


(above photo: A walk through the palace of …. where I had a chance to meet Prince)


At Fabrica Sartoriale Italiana for a second run through. A well oiled machine, overseen with a spirit of family


Michelin stared Farmhouse cellar Antica Corte Pallavincina: culatello (Parma ham), maturing cheese, and aging wine. Some 4 thousand culatellos hanging from the cellars curating between 13 to 20 months, and the oro spigarolis which is left to cure at times up to 36 to 40 months. prosciutti leaves the cellar only after 24 months.

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