Guerreisms (Gear-isms)

New look.  I’ve been officially doing street style since July 2008 and although the aesthetic of the site has changed, the concept is still very much the same: Style evolves, and goes beyond Fashion. 

Why the name Guerreisms?
Simply because I wish to capture and share a lifestyle that I try to live every day. A lifestyle of details, grace, imperfections, subtleties, complexities…  Instead of going with a word that is already used, I decided the site should be reflective of the individual – I look to create my own rules when it comes to my personal style and life, while looking to capture those who live by a similar ideology.

What are Guerreisms?
Those things that make you smile, make you take a second look, those things that make you hopefully appreciate the details, at least on this site…
In French, Guerre means war. Consider Guerreisms as the theory/study of a constructive antagonism as pertaining to style… What is style if not the coming together of unlikely things…

Guerreisms does not assume or look to have the last word on style, but rather to be the exclamation point after that so called last word.
This site looks to give life, emotion, and passion to those sentences dealing with style.  You are the words and I am just trying to translate those words into every possible language.

The point of Guerreisms is hopefully to inspire through style, and give you one more reason to smile.

Some may accuse me of being a little pompous. My reply – I’m just Guerre

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