Alessandro Gherardi -Pursuit of the perfect shirt.

Fall/Winter 2019/20 Collection shown at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy

While there are some shirt brands who excel in mastering fit, others that get the prints right, and finally a handful who master the luxury arena, the trifecta from one brand is a rarity obtained by very few.  Sit with Alessandro Gherardi of namesake brand Alessandro Gherardi and you’ll quickly find that he is a man on a mission looking to conquer all 3 niches.  Alessandro made it clear that his brand wanted to set itself apart from other shirt manufacturers, and without hesitation proceeded to show specifics in terms of details (from exclusive collar details and stitchings) that showcased his desire to create what would be considered the perfect shirt.
While being shown the latest collection I could feel the sense of pride and quiet reassurance in the product.  This wasn’t just about a product, but a team’s commitment to a singular goal and their drive to create a product that speaks the universal language of style.


Begin at the end.  The brand has created a new website, just showed at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy and have Moscow, and Shanghai on the schedule.  What is the brands current focus?

The Brand’s focus is on investing in emerging markets related to Asia in general, in the United States and continuing to fortify the European market in which we are already present.

Looking at the website one gets a sense of the history, passion and expertise of the brand.  What are you most proud of? 

The main pride is that both my son and daughter and my nephew also, carry forward with commitment and passion the project I started years ago and that allows us to give work to 120 beautiful people.

This remains a family business, how important is this in both the day to day operations and the future of the brand?  Why is the family aspect important?

The family is a very important and intrinsic value but also an essential aspect to give continuity … we old people have the task of leading our children into the future.

The product itself has a series of intricate details, can you share what makes a shirt an Alessandro Gherardi shirt?

The ALESSANDRO GHERARDI shirt is my shirt! The pleasure in wearing it is the result of years of research from our designers, the meticulous work of our seamstresses and our choices of high quality fabrics.

You make 3 different ranges of shirts, what are they?

The BLU with details that make it special … the ROSSA with the more 5 hand-made passages and the LUXURY with in more ‘9 hand-crafted passages an exclusive collar stick and voluminous necks and cuffs.

When talking, you spoke to me about creating the perfect shirt for every situation be it casual or formal, can you elaborate?

Our primary goal is always to build the perfect shirt with a continuous research of details and fabrics, able to dress from the young to the hearing, always in step with the times and with fashion.

How do you speak to the business man in Tokyo and the Bon vivant in Paris?

The Alessandro Gherardi shirt speaks several languages. Our continuous research of styles and fabrics is aimed at dressing men of various ethnic groups and cultures whose sole aim is to feel a second skin and always be fashionable.

What is passion?

It is the engine that drives me every day to wake up and improve myself and consequently have a positive charge towards those around me.

Being educated about the product and the details that make it a premier shirt manufacturer.

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