I remember the first time I met, Angelo Flaccavento.  It was some 7 or 8 years ago in Milan, he was possibly the first person I spoke to on my first ‘fashion’ trip to Milan.  I remember that our conversation revolved around a pen, I’m not sure if he asked me for one, or if I asked, all I know is he is the only person I felt could get away without a pocket square…his always has a pen in his pocket.  I had no idea who he was, or what he did, all I knew is that this guy who looked like an outsider who knew his way around the exclusive “fashion club” and did it with a nonchalant ease without being affected by the bright lights.

Angelo Flaccavento according to the Business of Fashion is one of Italy’s most successful fashion journalists,  We’ve shared coffee in Paris between shows, I’ve had the opportunity to contribute images for a major article of his in Il Sole 24 Ore a leading Italian Newspaper. The man writes beautifully, dresses impeccably, but more importantly glides through the fashion circuit (circus) with an unwavering ability to document the social impact of fashion.

On June 26th., 2011 I first published a Q&A that I had with Angelo, while time has passed, I wanted to reintroduce Angelo to those who know him, and for those who haven’t heard of him take this as introduction.  Angelo Flaccavento is not a flash in the pan, his work and style leave no doubt that talent, and style have no expiration date.

Who are you:
A dreamer and an observer.
I write about fashion and style.

Beauty. Elegance. Knowledge.

What is style?
Style is the mark of what you are on what you do. I believe gentleness is an essential part of it.

Where do you draw inspiration from:
Real life and the imagined life of books, films, dreams. The work of costumer Piero Tosi never
ceases to amaze me, too.

2 Rules you live by:
Think & Dream.

How would describe your style?
Paradoxically classic.

Who do you consider to be a style icon?
Dirk Bogarde, Francesco Clemente, David Hockney.

What 3 things bring you peace?
Walking, swimming, reading.

What is a bad day?
A gloomy one without sun.

3 Pet Peeves (things you dislike)
Arrogance. Vulgarity. Primadonnas.

Favorite place/location:
La Canna, a rock emerging from the open see near the small Aeolian island of Filicudi. It is both
powerful and intimidating, and the sea is an amazing shade of blue.

What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative? (twilight, morning,
afternoon, evening, late night)
The very early morning, and the very late night: extremes define me, in every way.

What do you have a favorite of?
Ice cream and cashmere.

What is a daily must (beyond bathing, brushing your teeth, etc )?
A jog, to keep fit and clear the mind. Sex, but there’s no need to explain why.

What is a special indulgence for you?
Clothes. I can never get enough. The same goes with books.

Best advice you’ve received:
From my father: do not compromise, even if this makes you unpopular.

3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life or your daily state of mind:
Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode
Tonight, tonight – The Smashing Pumpkins
All is full of love – Bjork

Is there any one person in particular close to you that inspired you?
My mom: for her selfless love and constant dedication.

3 books you’d recommend:
Operette Morali – Giacomo Leopardi
American Lessons – Italo Calvino
The trilogy of the city of K – Agota Kristof

5 things every person should do before dying:
I’ll pass on this. Everybody should live their life according to individual parameters.

What separates a leader from a follower?
A leader is willing to accept failure as a part of progress. He is also independent and unpredictable.

Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…
As a pornstar.

During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?
Thinking of the vast open sea.

Last thing that made you smile?
A child on the street that laughed at my beard calling me Santa Claus.

You can find my work here:
GQ (Italy), GQ Style (Italy, Russia, Germany), Hunter magazine, L’Uomo Vogue, Il Sole 24 Ore,
Luxury24.it, Dapper Dan magazine.

My life is… (finish the sentence)
An endless search. The process, to me, is way more important than the product.

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