Axel’s – Vail, Colorado


Axel’s of Vail Colorado is not your typical luxury shop. No formularized display of costly pieces scrupulously echoing fashion trends, instead it is a place that somehow actualizes the Americana luxury experience.

Historically, America is recognized as a melting pot and the shop is able to reproduce this originality in terms of the luxury items it carries.
From Comestock Heritage, the oldest Silver Smith in the United States, to the Gigi and Kiton, Italy’s prime representatives of quality menswear, and Edward Green English footwear, Axel’s emblematizes an emancipated and unapologetic lifestyle.

While you can find luxury product anywhere, the shop demarcates itself with an eclectic mélange.  Combining the best of England, Italy and America, Axel’s naturally incarnates a rugged cool American attitude.




Pictured: Axel Wilhelmsen Sr. founder and driving force behind Axel’s, handles the day to day operations, and purchasing for the store which is a family business involving the entire family.

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