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Don Eugeino Calabrese prided himself on the fact that he never worried about wearing the same tie twice in a year, this came from a man who owned over 300 hundred ties and was a firm believer in elegance. His love for accessories drove him to introduce to the world elegance from his own workshop in the 1920’s – Calabrese 1924 was created, the brand focused on ties, but 4 generations later you’ll find swim wear, pocket squares, scarves, and bags. Annalisa Calabrese great grand daughter of Don Eugenio Calabrese has since taken the reigns and is focused on maintaining the values, craftsmanship and reputation of the brand while turning the corner and pushing forward in creating a product for a new market of global elegance seekers.

You have taken over the direction and oversee all aspects of the brand, what was your introduction to the brand?
The company has been in the family for 4 generations, my earliest memories involve going to the factory as a baby and watching both my father and grandfather consumed by work. Once I was old enough I would go to the production room and help the workers with the easiest passages of the ties. Of course for me it was all fun and games.

I grew up with my family’s work ethic and sense of passion. I recall that even during the Holidays, and during the height of my studies in High School and University I would spend as much time as possible at the factory because I loved every aspect of creating and and everything fabric related. I always wanted to see the entire process from which a piece of fabric could become the identifying statement in a men’s wardrobe, to me there was something artistic and magical.

I started officially working for the brand in 1991, since then my passion continues to grow as does my love for the day to day operations of the business.

Color plays a large part in your designs, can you tell me why that is?
Living in Naples, Italy influences my everyday. Colors dominate and give birth to emotions which we translate to our work. Living in a city of a thousand colors makes it easy to see the world in colors. I personally like contrast and like to find the right combination that can make our product elegant and at the same time different.  

What makes Calabrese 1924 special?
While passion is a word often overused, it really reflects what is at the core of our brand and work ethic. Not only are we one of the oldest tie companies in the world, we were the first to do the the sewing on the tip of the tie which has become a common practice with countless brands. We are a company founded on elegance, routed in tradition, everything we do, and produce is meant to reflect that.

Where can the product be found?
The brand is found in some of the best luxury shops in the world from London, Tokyo, New York and beyond. You can find it at,

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