Destination: Paris, France


Paris, France

Think of Paris and a romantic feeling somehow finds refuge in your mind, be it on thoughts of love, art, or literature. Without question there is a unique mystic side to Paris, it’s neighborhood cafĂ©s, its hidden little streets and alleys, the history unfolded by the architecture of its houses, churches and squares.

Years ago I compiled a list of 36 things every man should do before dying, and while the list itself isn’t something I look at now as my views and experiences have changed, my belief that every artist at heart should visit Paris remains unaltered. The old cafes may slowly be replaced with American style coffee shops, museums surroundings be overflown with the uninspiring tourist crowd, there still remains a untamed artistic vibe, or at least the opportunity to express that side of yourself and have it appreciated by people who have an appreciation for the arts in general.

For me Paris is so much more than a place I stop by for men’s fashion, instead it’s the city I come to when I need to look at life differently. Give me a walk along the canal de l’Ourcq, a good old fashion French Bistro with unapologetic smokers nearby, a glass of wine and I am guaranteed to find inspiration.




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