Gentlemen of Style (Part 1)


This video was created almost 8 years ago with a friend and talented photographer/videographer (Ko Tsuchiya) from Tokyo, Japan, music by H. Lee of Long Island, New York. The idea was gather some of the coolest cats and showcase their personal style as revealed through their dress. Crazy how this was shot long before Instagram was even a thought or at least on everyone’s phone, this was the introduction to international style for many people. Very few were shooting video in this space at the time, and even fewer knew who to shoot. We shot it for GQ Japan and I must say pitching the idea wasn’t an easy pitch, at the time no magazine or website had done this and it was uncharted territory.

I decided to showcase 3 Italians residents (Lino Ieluzzi, Angelo Flaccavento, Luca Rubinacci), 1 from Tokyo (Poggy), and one from London (Shaka Maidoh). The goal to capture style that would withstand time or at least be worthy of future mention.

These guys were not ‘Influencers’ – they influenced!

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