I’ve long subscribed to the idea that home is where the heart is, but to be more precise I am a believer that home is where the heart finds inspiration. While I have yet to visit half the places I’d like to, I still consider myself a citizen of the world. Someone whose home is not limited by borders or place of birth, but instead someone who finds comfort, respect, and appreciation in multiple cultures.

Recently, I went back to Haiti after many years of absence. While being labeled the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, it certainly deserves to be portrayed a little more colorfully. It is a nation rich in history, spirit and soul forged through persistent struggle and silenced victories. Naturally, I traveled to Haiti camera in hand, with the naive intentions of capturing the beauty around, and while I did take plenty of photos, some things simply need to be apprehended with your heart. It is the people living, the cadence from the streets or even the beating of the sun that remain etched in my mind long after I have parted.

And when facing the hustle of the concrete streets of New York, I sometimes think of Haiti and its colors, sounds and smells, smiling at the thought it will always be home.

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