I usually like to think twice before using the words iconic or classic, these terms tend to get thrown around and become just as common as ‘swagger’ and ‘cool’.   I’ve always associated iconic with something or someone who withstands the test of time, but remains current, relevant, and is able to maintain the pulse of its society as well as quickening the heartbeat of others.

I was introduced to LOTHO glasses a few years ago while in Florence, Italy and have since been following the brand.  Over the years I have collected countless pairs of sunglasses, Ray Bans and Persol make up the bulk of my collection.  While these still maintain a certain charm, it is my LOTHO glasses that have been ‘Bad Ass’ certified.

Based in Paris, France, but manufactured in Japan, LOTHO reflects both an aesthetic and workmanship unmatched. The ‘Steve’ is not just another pair of aviators, in the words of  Prince, it’s a Sexy Mother…  All that seems to be missing with these glasses is the theme music that matches your glide.

Fashion brands have all entered the eye wear market, while some have hype behind them, LOTHO delivers a product that will remain your favorite pair season after season.  Somehow I can’t help but believe that that’s the first step to becoming iconic.

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