Luca Larenza – far from classic knitwear


2 Seasons ago I was first introduced to Luca Larenza, an Italian designer who sparked my interest because of both his passion for knitwear, and his ability to combine colors in a way that evoked a sense of nostalgia without being a knock off of an era gone by.

The new Spring Summer 2018 collection was something unexpected, while many brands are looking to tap into the street culture and playing with the whole street luxury and lux leisure theme, Luca was able to create a collection that found it’s own place.  Something a little different without being something that made his clothing unwearable, instead his vision of high end knitwear is something believable.  Here you feel that knitwear can be fun, and not only your father’s weekend leisure wear.

I have been a strong fan of knitwear for some years now.  My love for it continues and while I noticed brand after brand testing the waters, I am still looking as to who will eventually be the brand that not only creates the great quality product, but also the brand that reflects the heartbeat of those who can walk the line between classic and modern.

If this collection is a glimpse of things to come, I strongly believe that Luca Larenza is worth keeping an eye on and/or getting to know.

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