Let’s make it clear. I don’t believe a suit can make a man, it is only a tool to express himself and help in telling the story he chooses to share with the world. Even THE suit – which hopefully gained definiteness because of a perfect fit – doesn’t come with super powers. But let’s be fair and concede the garment a few delectable perks: it can surely brighten your mood, add vibrancy to your step or exalt your personality…While I’m sure everyone of you can come up with a very personal list of friendly side effects, finding the right designers to credit is another venture.

For some time I’ve been an enthusiast of Devon Scott NY. In an intimate atelier located in the city, Devon Scott, it’s Creative Director, focuses on creating a great product that fits the lifestyle of the elegant modern man. While this philosophy -a classic editorial line- is nothing new, in Devon’s case the denouement literally matches the intention. The exclusive collections are timeless, inspired without focus on trends and imprinted with a bad ass elegance feel.

If it is a tendency of mine to focus on Italian made products, I heartily lean towards American attitude when the latter breathes authenticity. In terms of quality, Devon Scott creates a product lucidly comparable to any Italian made ones, but remains unmatched in character: the collections exult these nonpareil NY cool and L.A. appreciation.

Devon Scott – who is also one of my favorite people to shoot – pays tribute to individuality, delivering refined collections, always current without being trendy. Only thing not included is your theme music when you walk out your door.

More at: www.DevonScottNY.com

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