According to NASA, there is only one watch it trust to go into outer space, come back to the city and not skip a beat – the iconic Speed Master from Omega. Well Omega recently launched it’s newest breathtaking technical achievement, considered it’s most advanced mechanical movement ever, the Globemaster time piece.

Visually, the watch is a sleek but sturdy piece. The bezel is not made of steel or gold, but of tungsten carbide, a material that is more scratch resistant than even ceramic, giving it an destruction-proof guarantee.

Omega has set 8 chronometric records in the 20th century, and Mr Brice Le Troadec, Brand President U.S. (pictured) graciously walked me through the historic pieces and gave me the idea behind the Globemaster.

Currently the watch of James Bond and official sponsor of the Olympics, for the watch enthusiast Omega is undoubtedly a brand worth your time of day.

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