Regardless to how many times I am asked “what is a must have item”, one or two things remain consistent regardless to how the rest of the list may change. In most cases, answers to such questions fluctuate depending on ones current state of mind, or place in life. But the one answer that has never changed is acquiring a “meaningful” piece of jewelry. A piece you would love to pass on to the next generation or simply to someone you love.

I was introduced to Comstock Heritage over 3 years ago in what seemed an unlikely place.  While visiting a luxury shop in Vail, Colorado (Axel’s), I came across a glassed display with belt buckles and bracelets.  I quickly learned that the maker, Comstock Heritage, is the oldest Silver Smith company in the United States.  ‎

There are bracelets, and there are pieces of jewelry that seem to whisper a story of the past, while leaving room to create, build upon – This is Americana, something forged in fire, rugged but beautiful to the eye.

I myself don’t care to leave behind a dainty piece, instead let my story be told with a something that mirrors my journey.

The pieces photographed can be found at: Axel’s in Vail, Colorado, full selection can be found at Comstock Heritage

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