Life is made of cycles, lessons, experiences.  I’m always happy to share and learn about experiences that make up the integral parts of who one is.  Some may regard this as rather prosaic, but I have always been in love with the idea that flaws and falls bring character, and at times provide the stimuli one may need to shine.

So when I heard about Hickey Freeman‘s new presentation, I was rather curious to see what inspires a brand who, all while celebrating its 117th birthday, is said to improbably staging a comeback as a powerhouse made in America.
The house who manufactured suits for the Rat Pack and John F. Kennedy was introducing its spring/summer 2017 collection with a Painted Desert theme.
Hickey Freeman brilliantly premeditated a looser silhouette, with tailored exceptionally light canvases, interlinings creating a feather light construction. The omnipresence of silk adds a subtle luminosity to beautiful earthy tones such as sandstone, dusty rose, tan, desert blue.

This Nature theme collection is fashion forward but wearable, and may symbolize Hickey freeman‘s return to its essence and unblamable quality. So, it wasn’t a rumor after all, Hickey Freeman is back.


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