When it comes to accessories, back pack has never really been part of my vocabulary, something about it never resonated well with me. This season however, I considered breaking away from my habits while traveling, initially not without any reservations.

I decided on trying the Osaka back pack by Mandarina Duck and realized that while I had given this specific accessory the cold shoulder, the brand had given it some serious thoughts. Not a stitch evokes the school boy paraphernalia, nor echoes a survivalist sensibility. Instead, the white leather and canvas are beautiful and rich‎, the lining and proportions of the shoulder straps generous. Designer Denis Frison’s manages to be elegant and modern: the lines are pure, and the details sharp.

I could pack my camera, laptop, notebook, reading material -all fit easily- and carried it around during my fashion season travels…and certainly enjoyed the comfort and convenience of it.

While a back pack doesn’t fit my everyday lifestyle (simply because I do not carry much more than a camera on a daily basis), m‎y experience with Mandarina Duck certainly reconciled me with my old back pack memories, and the Osaka now has its place on my travel must-have list.

Guerre cosigned!

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