I have long become accustomed to bespoke clothing. Traveling to some of the places where the “best” create has opened my eyes to the beauty of having something made specifically for me from point A to Z.  I love the exchange, and how it can exalt individuality and creativity from both the client and the tailor‎. However, the truth is that as much as I believe bespoke is amazing, it is not necessarily my everyday reality. ‎Indeed, I sometimes don’t feel the need or desire to have a shirt or a pants made if I find one that I like, and that fits me the way I want. So I am always open to discovering new brands.

I was introduced to Zanella pants by a friend and man of taste who used to work for Brioni, and he easily convinced me to look into the brand.
Zanella is known for offering handcrafted, sartorial trousers entirely made in Italy: the reputation of making a quality product is solid, that’s always a good start. After a look at the new collection, I believe the intention is to create the modern man’s style trifecta: trousers to work, play and are elegant all the way.  Aesthetically, well that’s a hit.

I decided to test the functional side while traveling for men’s fashion season in Italy. I picked 4 trousers, a (white cotton) cargo pants for work, a casual (silk/linen) one for off duty, an off white Dress (Summer fleece) pants for evenings, and one (sky blue silk/fleece) that I considered the perfect Summer piece that could actually fit all settings.
This past month, I worked during men’s fashion season in Florence and Milan, met a prince in Soragna, dined in 3 Michelin stared restaurants, took a few 5 hours train rides in between, cheered for my favorite soccer teams during the Euro Cup, and had long walks (and races) with my two daughters – All in Zanella. And at no point did I question the style of the pants, nor did I have to second guess my choices when it comes to functionality.

To this day I had never looked into any go to trouser brand, Zanella however has made a statement with it’s new collection.
The fit is remarkable, the product is multi-functional, add a great attention to sartorial details and quality fabrics and this may just be that every occasion trouser you’ve always wished you had in your wardrobe.



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