Shuhei Nishiguchi and I cross paths twice a year while we both attend Pitti Uomi in Florence, Italy. There has always been this “je ne sais quoi” about him that makes me take notice. Maybe because he embodies that elegant nonchalance, and quiet confidence when others are trying so hard. Possibly because I see in him the Asian soul brother, either way he is one of those chaps that knows what works for him,  and makes it seem effortless.
Name & place of birth.:
Shuhei Nishiguchi 
Osaka, Japan 
(In 2 or 3 sentences finish this) – I am… 
I am a BEAMS Fashion Director / Buyer. I am also a father of 2 daughters. 
What is style?
Understanding one’s self. Creating one’s self. 
Where do you draw inspiration from:
Being in sync with nature is the best source of inspiration.   I also tend to draw inspiration when I witness beautiful things, and listen to good music. 
2 Rules you live by:
Always be honest to myself.
Always love my family. 
How would describe your style?
I simply dress myself with well-made clothing, accessories, and shoes that I like.
It is important for me to dress “by the book”, but also to be able to sometimes ignore the rules.


What 3 things bring you peace?
Favorite place/location:
Osaka, my hometown, and the sea.
What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative? (twilight, morning, afternoon, evening, late night)
From evening to late night.
What do you have a favorite of?
My favorite moments are when I cook for my family. 
What is a special indulgence for you?
Vintage clothing, accessories and shoes.
Good wines. 
Best advice you’ve received ( & from whom):
“Everyone is born to help others.” by my father. 
3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life, or your daily state of mind:
1. BILL EVANS / Waltz for Debby
2. KEITH JARRETT / Don’t ever leave me
Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…
A journalist. 
During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?
Last thing that made you smile?
Every single time I witness my children’s growth.  
My biggest fear in life is:
Saying goodbye to my family. 
You can find my work here:
My Instagram account
BEAMS Official 
BEAMS F Official Blog 
My life is… (finish the sentence) 
My life is the pursuit of happiness…, but I want to live my life with enthusiasm without trying to define it too much.

Shot in Florence, Italy

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