Stenstroms: More than a pretty shirt


For some time now I’ve had Stenstroms on my radar. I was first introduced to the brand a few seasons ago by Plaza Uomo a Swedish based magazine and the then Editor in Chief Konrad Olson. Konrad not only knew that I was always looking to discover new brands, but his loyalty to homegrown brands making great product led to the introduction.

In an industry dominated with Italian product it was refreshing to discover a brand with its home cultivated DNA and philosophy. While the brand itself was founded in 1899 in the South of Sweden, and has quietly been making shirts of impeccable quality.  While the brand may not yet be a  household name within the American and Asian market, it has been quietly establishing itself as a shirt powerhouse with traveling men from around the world.  I recently sat down with Peter Juriado the brand’s Creative Director and the quiet approach may be a thing of the past, Stenstroms has its eyes set and is equipped to play on the global playing field.

What makes Stenstroms a great shirt?
We have our heritage, first off we are 120 years old, we know our history, we know how to make a great shirt. The second thing is that we are allowed to work with the best suppliers in the world. What’s really important for us is to stay true to the quality, the craftsmanship, but also develop with the fashion world while remaining a little different then the rest of the market.

The brand has a different approach, can you share it?
I am personally not a suit guy, I grew up in Levis 501 denim, however I do enjoy, and feel comfortable in a suit. The combination of a guy wearing a pair of 5 pocket jeans, and wearing a nice suit, I like the idea of creating the shirt you wear 7 days a week. We are wearable in all facets of life.

In what way are you creating a global product?
Social media has become the source to see new things. People notice quality, and they want more. We continue to strive to make the best possible product for a global market.

What’s the future?
We are not currently in Asia, but we are looking forward to showing there, they understand style. The Korean and Japanese market have both expressed interest in our product. Currently we are building our market in Europe, Canada, and the United States and the future looks good.

Interview with Stenstroms Creative Director Peter Jüriado
“People notice quality and they want more.”
Interview with Stenstroms Creative Director Peter Jüriado
Beautifully crafted shirts that also reflect the brand’s philosophy of quality, and excellence.

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