Nothing beats a perfectly pressed buttoned shirt – except for a cool luxurious Italian knit polo.  While the buttoned shirt often helps in creating an air of elegance, or a business like persona, it is the beautifully executed knit polo that that evokes a spirit of effortless cool, and for the few gentlemen who know how to combine knitwear with a beautifully tailored suit, I am willing to bet my money that they’ll always rank higher on a man of style’s top 10 list.  There is something inherently cool about knitwear when it’s not just your father’s cardigan.  Knitwear is dangerous, it’s either the piece that compliments what you wear (the safe way of wearing it) or it emphatically stands out and announces your arrival in the warm.

While some brands have a good take on short sleeve polos, and others may claim knit sweaters, few master both the way SVEVO Parma can.  Rich in tradition, technology, and taste SVEVO Parma combines luxury, classic techniques, new technology, and modern appeal.

I sat down with Mario Sommo in Milan at their showroom, then traveled with him to Parma by car where I was told the stories that created the history of the brand.  SVEVO Parma is not your ‘next best thing’  it is the answer to knitwear – sleek, sexy and luxurious the way knitwear should be made, worn, and feel.  In Parma I met his business partner (his sister Vittoria Somma), together they have made sure that SVEVO Parma isn’t just another great brand that created a nice product, they are on a mission ensuring that the name SVEVO Parma is synonymous with they best knitwear in the world.

If you enjoy knitwear, be it the perfect Summer polo or winter turleneck (rollneck) and look for the best in terms of quality, make sure SVEVO Parma is on your radar.




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