When talking men’s fashion, Italian brands have undeniably marked their territory and like a seasoned veteran claimed the prize. But like with every lion pack, there is always a young cub emerging as the next in line. This time it may be a distant cousin raised and seasoned in the west that goes by the name of Manolo Costa.

But let me rephrase his introduction…With a resume that includes Paul Stuart and Ralph Lauren, this is actually no cub. Rooted in the spirit of classic American, Manolo Costa brings something fresh to the mix.

Today we talked sports coats through the eyes of Manolo Costa.

What has the traditional sports coat become today, how has it evolved?

I think there is a greater offering of cloth nowadays. The fabrication choices have also become more vast and a bit more elaborate. The finishes and blends bring out more personality and character. Our all-time favorites; navy, black and white herringbone and brown gun check have come a long way. The idea of the perfect sport coat was once dictated by the classic and traditional heritage, it is now influenced by a more clean and sleek approach with unquestionable sex appeal.

3 must haves in a man’s closet?

A bespoke navy suit, I believe every man deserves the elevated experience that comes with bespoke clothing. A navy suit never disappoints.
The white royal Oxford shirt, I would ensure the collar stands tall offering the perfect natural roll. With or without a tie, it’s the perfect compliment to any look.
A pair of bench made loafers, dress them up or down. Care for them accordingly they will remain relevant in your wardrobe for many, many years to come.

Why should every man own a sports coat?

I feel like it enhances the overall look and appearance of any man. There are countless situations where a sport coat is not only encouraged but expected. Over the years there have been long lasting impressions associated with this wardrobe staple. If you are about to embark in a sartorial journey, a navy blazer should definitely be your first choice.

Describe your style of clothes you create.

I like to create our garments with the ideal contemporary drape, while delivering a timeless sensibility. All of our garments have my own personal seal of approval. I take tremendous pride in what I do and the clothes I make, I would never subject any client to a garment I would never wear myself. As far as our house style, our garments display a very soft and natural shoulder with an emphasis on a clean silhouette. Lastly it is all about the fabrics we choose to work with, character and texture are paramount when picking the right cloth.

Describe the perfect winter coat.

The perfect winter coat should sit around 10” above the knee, it should have a double breasted closure with a natural roll on the lapel. Adorn it with the right horn button and lapels sitting at least 4 1/2” wide. When choosing the right cloth consider no less than 13-15 ounces and texture should be your primary denominator.



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