Before a Bespoke suit, there is an idea and a roll of fabric waiting to come to life or more appropriately to be crafted into the perfect suit. For those who enjoy participating to the whole process and appreciate a richer choice of swatches than their tailor’s selection, there is Beckenstein Men’s Fabrics (also known as Fabric Czar), a house located in the heart of New York City’s garment district.

Since 1919 Fabric Czar has been the go to place to unearth some of the best men’s fabrics in the world. While you may not frequent the eclectic arrays of clothes of their store on 39th street, chances are you’ve seen the fabric they have supplied to stylists of the most iconic movies including a Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, Mission Impossible and more recently Boardwalk Empire. Currently the largest, and number one cut length suppliers in the United States, here you’ll find almost every possible choice of fabrics desired.

New York is residence to quite a few talented tailors. When asked to come up with a reference name, we can all easily suggest more than one, depending on our style preferences and affinities. However if you decide to venture into the elaborate world of bespoke, or simply need to get a shirt or pants custom made, there is only one address to acquire the fabric: Fabric Czar.

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