The Perfect Leather


Rifugio Handmade Leather

There are a handful of timeless garments that can instantly establish your attitude, leather is unquestionably one of them. Steve McQueen, James Dean, Marlon Brando’s most iconic photos may be the ones where they wore leather jackets and wore them with ease and quiet authority.

Like every other fashion item, popularity for leather jackets goes through its peaks and valleys, but will remain an iconic garment.

Rifugio Handmade leather – Napoli (Naples), Italy. Alfredo Rifugio is a Bespoke Leather Tailor with over 50 years experience and his son Alfonso Rifugio create arguably the best luxury handmade leather jackets anywhere. 1,800 stitches in a single garment, you’re not getting a jacket you’re getting a work of art.

Pros: Rifugio can make a piece that will fit you like second skin. They do with leather what master tailors do with suits, catering to every curve of your body, and delivering to you a timeless garment. You are getting old school Italian craftsmanship, new designs from a father and son team that understands luxury and is master of detail. The handmade details and stitching are second to none.

Cons: If you are of impatient nature, 6 weeks for a custom piece may not be for you.

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