If you follow Men’s fashion, you obviously can witness, receptively or not, how it endlessly shifts and evolves.  A few years ago we were fascinated with all things American (namely Ralph Lauren), then slowly the shift started to move towards Italian craftsmanship. Social media help the latest shifts, allowing consumers to see products globally, and also by showing how your fellow style enthusiasts decided to interpret brands’ latest creations.

Consumers now can all chose to favor heritage with the Italians, great study and new technologies with the Japanese, or some je ne sais quoi with the French.  While everything is online, in most cases it is still introduced to the world via trade shows.

This season MRket Show and The Project Trade show combined forces. For the first time, buyers and press were able to benefit from all things style under one roof. MRket has established itself as a major player with its Made in Italy section, Vanguard Gallery, Modern Prep, and Brits at MRket, while Project focused on brands for an edgier, more fashion forward crowd. In other words, in the same space you could found the best quality denim to the best stitched ties.

This new merger definitely makes for something special to keep an eye on. Today is the last day, so head out there if you’re in town or mark your calendar for the next show!

Next show Las Vegas, August 15th-17th 2016

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