I remember the time when laureate men’s magazines and European influencers all started to praise the suit and trainers look, promoting the latter to the rank of synonym for cool, with a conveniently malleable touch of rebel.
Even though I’ll always applaud revolution in fashion, I wasn’t really feeling the vibe. And until a couple of years ago, I just had a single pair of Adidas in my closet, which barely crossed the doorstep other than on week ends.

But with time, the lure of comfort dressed up in rich leather, designers reshaping the game, and an iterant vision of a crisp pair of white leather kicks on a summer day …Now we’re talking.
Three brands in particular have been my favorites lately –¬† Aranth, Buscemi, and Hogan. All of them can take pride in a refined functionality, the exceptional quality of their materials, an Italian craftsmanship, and a distinctive philosophy. The rest is totally up to you, but the stint is more about matching them with an attitude than an outfit.

Long gone are the days where trainers would possibly be anthithetical to the Bon ton or equally symbolize an act of rebellion. Today, exhibiting beautifully crafted white trainers with sharp details doesn’t constitute a dress it up or down move anymore, it is simply about uplifting your outfit, according to your mood.
So if you ask me now, suit and sneakers never looked more casual fly.

(From L to R: Aranth, Buscemi, Hogan)

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