In Naples there is not a shortage of tailors,  quite the contrary,  for many Naples is the epicenter of men’s style in which the tailors come from a lineage immersed in craftsmanship and tradition.

Luca Grassia is no different in the sense that he to comes from from a lineage of tailors – three generations – grandfather,  father,  and uncles. Spend time with him and you quickly see his passion for his art. When asked about his brand philosophy he states “it reflects my age,  a young product,  but new models which is meant to be recognizable by the craftsmanship according to the Neapolitan ancient school that makes each piece an original product.”

Grassia is a family business,  all done in the family. Mother father uncles cousins brothers all together dividing the roles, from cutting the buttonhole to ironing, each person has a task.

“We are Neapolitans,  we are a cheerful and creative people,  but above all we are tied to tradition.   Our town is older than Rome,  here we are Austrians,  Greeks,  Romans,  Hispanic,  French,  etc.  We are a mix of culture,  but above all we are a living people …  Like my jackets. “

Young and passionate – certainly worth keeping an eye on.

(Article written for Plaza Uomo magazine)

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